this project is ongoing since in March 2013 Berlin. 

collabollation with Chiara ciccarello

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The empty area of Cuvry Strße is the only space on the river side of Kreuzberg (East Berlin) that still resists the big building speculation started with the Mediaspree project.
When we moved to build our house in Cuvry Straße there were just six houses, the majority tippies.

It was on the 1st March 2013 and that winter was amazingly long, it snowed until half April. My house was the first house in Cuvry Straße, and when we left it in June to Tommaso I would have never thought to find what I found when I got back.
Today the area on the river side in Cuvry Straße is not anymore a empty space. Today there is a village that grows up day by day, little by little. His population has 10, 100, 1000 races, speaks 10, 100, 1000 languages, but everybody needs the same thing, a house and a place to live, and everybody fights against the same enemy, the insane gentrification in the city of Berlin, because of that they can not pay for a house anymore, but in Cuvry Straße they can still build it.

We don’t know how long all this will be possible, but Cuvry is big, and everyday bigger and stronger.

From a single seed, a forest was born.

We are Yuki and Chiara, we built our house using all the material we could find for free in the streets of Berlin.  You can find us in Cuvry Straße 50-51 every day. We will be really happy to receive your visits, we will show you our home and the free life in FreeCuvry.










casa pan port (6 of 12)

casa pan port (4 of 12)


morte cuvry (1 of 1)-2

plan section

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