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A mobile fireplace project in Göttingen/Germany.

This project focused on the capacity of fire to warm, transform wood and on the relation between people and fire.

I collected scrap wood from streets and old buildings.

In about two weeks I made fire in a old metal trash-can with the found wood, everyday in a different city’s location. I offered to the people tea and miso soup cooked on the metal bin and even a group of local musician came to play around the fireplace.

The end of the event was a collective drawing action, with “nature” as theme. Taking inspiration from a previous visit to the city’s botanical garden, all the people drew together on one single long sheet of paper, using the charcoal left from the burnt wood.

The entire process is expressed by stop-motion video.

“Funke” Stop-motion video: 5min , stereo

2014, Göttingen, Germany



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