“gonna hang the dreamcatcher right over your bed…”


Let’s start with a well known fact. The influence of Donna Summer’s songs on dance music can hardly be overestimated. A lesser known fact might be that the same applies for Donna and its influence on modern day electronic funk. Donna is a track released in 1997 on the Berlin label MMM, crafted by the duo Erik & Fiedel. A landmark release, still lauded as »one of the most definitive dancefloor twelves EVER released«, as the guys from Boomkat put it, »caned time and time again by absolutely anyone who’s anyone and a desert island jacking twelve to beat them all«.

Erik Wiegand alias ERRORSMITH is responsible for this desert island jacking hell of a track. ERRORSMITH is one half of MMM, his collaborative project with Berghain resident DJ Fiedel. ERRORSMITH is also one half of Smith N Hack, a collaboration with Soundhack a.k.a. Soundstream. And obviously ERRORSMITH is a solo artist in his own right – known for his blend of stomping and stuttering machine music madness, for collaborations with Mr. Oizo and remixes for Tshetsha Boys or Boys Noize, for his recent Boiler Room performance alongside Laurel Halo, and last but not least for the highly influential Razor synthesizer he developed, a modular software synth that shaped the sound of tracks by Modeselektor, Mouse On Mars, and of course MMM.

ERRORSMITH’s approach in a nutshell: improvise, explore, break free! This no strings attached attitude can be heard on his infamous collection of live recordings Near Disco Dawn (2004) and it plays a vital role in his rare and energetic DJ sets as well. He turns everything from J.J. Fad to UK bass monsters into an irresistible kind of dancefloor funk. Unique in sound, unique in attitude, presented with a special kind of over the top humor. For MIEKO SUZUKI’s & ARA’s monthly night at the newly reopend OHM (formerly known as Shift), ERRORSMITH returns for his second KOOKOO appearance. What else could we expect than pure Kookooness?!

Video artists YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI and AIKO OKAMOTO from Japan take care of transforming ERRORSMITH’s DJ set into a visual experience. The funk will appear in the form of stop and go animations, created on the spot, in a constant dialogue with the space and atmosphere at OHM. As always, Australian artist CARLY FISCHER is responsible for the flyer artwork. And KOOKOO hosts MIEKO SUZUKI & ARA will take care of the tune-in and get-out DJ sets. And who else could send her best wishes for the night if not Donna Summer? She’s gonna hang the dreamcatcher right over all our heads…

Köpenickerstr. 70
Friday, April 4th 10pm-
ERRORSMITH(MMM) http://www.errorsmith.de/

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