“2 young 2 know better, 2 old 2 refuse…”
Did you know that it takes about 43,824 hours to create an overnight sensation? And that oysters
change their sex during their lives and, before that, it takes them roughly 1,826 days to get rid of
puberty? Are you aware of the fact that an estimated 117,213 new records have been released in
the last 60 months, in Germany alone?
You might want to ask yourself how many times your life has completely changed during that
same period, wheter you finally survived adolescence, how many songs you’ve danced to and
how many crazy nights out you may have experienced. Just in case none of those nights should
have been really KOOKOO, we think it’s about time you discovered an overnight sensation,
43,824 hours in the making and now finally happening on June 6th at Ohm Gallery.
You’ve already guessed it of course. 43,824 hours equals 1,826 days equals five years. That’s
exactly how long Mieko Suzuki’s & Ara’s brain child KOOKOO has been around. And, let’s finally
sum it up, it’s time to celebrate! Get your magic birthday candles ready for the fifth anniversary of
Kicking off in the summer of 2009 at Farbfernseher in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Kookoo created a unique
and intimate underground party vibe, gathering a strong and dedicated following. The special
atmosphere at Kookoo events is created through a constant dialogue of the artists responding to
each other, a dialogue with the space at the venue – now the Ohm Gallery inside an immense
defunct power plant building in Köpenicker Straße, Berlin-Mitte – and, most of all, a dialogue with
the audience.
From early on, the hosts Mieko Suzuki & Ara focused on collaborations with visual artists. The
fifth anniversary sees a very special appearance of SARAH LÜDEMANN. Her art is based on life
cycles, birth, death and rebirth, on repetition, patterns, destruction, construction and resurrection,
on polar opposites and their motion forces, like gender, gaze, perception and communication. All
of which predestines her to trigger one of those unforgettable KOOKOO dialogues.
Japanese artists YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI and INK AGOP are both regular contributors to the overall
KOOKOO experience. A night at Ohm can hardly be imagined without their video projections and
ever changing stop and go animations that, to a great extent, are created live on the spot for
everyone to see and immediately become part of it.
Australian artist CARLY FISCHER, over the years, has created, arranged and photographed an
entire body of work of her paper sculptures specifically for KOOKOO’s flyer and poster artworks.
Carly’s great five year anniversary piece will be presented in a special light box in the entrance
area at Ohm.
Last but not least, MIEKO SUZUKI & ARA will play a back to back DJ set all the night through,
spinning all their favourites and beloved classics of those past 43,824 hours that have been
kookoo indeed.
Five years. A very special age. As we’re sure our lovely patroness Sheila E would put it: 2 young 2
know better, 2 old 2 refuse…
Let’s party y’all!
“2 young 2 know better, 2 old 2 refuse…”
5 years of KOOKOO!
:: music
MIEKO SUZUKI (Kookoo) // www.soundcloud.com/mieko
ARA (Kookoo) // www.mixcloud.com/houseis
special anniversary b2b set all night long
:: art
SARAH LÜDEMANN (video installation) // www.sarahluedemann.com
INK AGOP (video installation) // www.inkagop.com
CARLY FISCHER (flyer artwork) // www.carlyfischer.com
YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI (video installation) // https://yukihirotaguchi.wordpress.com
Friday, June 6th, 10pm
OHM, Köpenicker Straße 70, 10179 Berlin

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