Digital Multimedia Video Installation, 2015

Showed at the group Exhibition “STREET SPINS” with Eva Mitala, in Athen, and at the event “KooKoo”, in Berlin.

This installation was done using 3 digital-camera, 3 video-camera and one projector.

After took many photos and videos of the different parts of face from different people, at the installation each camera was showing a single face element, every couple of seconds one picture, in total 5 cameras (2 eyes, one nose, one mouth, one ear) to recreate one deconstructed face. One eyes and the mouth are video pieces, the mouth is the only one including the sound of small interviews I did to the people while I was shooting them, asking simple questions like “where are you from…what did you do today…what do you like…what did you eat…where are you going  now…”.

The final result is similar to a human face, a face of a person that no one knows, made of existing people but that actually doesn’t exist.




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