Performance, video installation, 2015


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Worked and showed at the group Exhibition “STREET SPINS” with Eva Mitala, in Athen.

I climbed trees, poles, street lights and columns in different locations of Athen.

I took inspiration from gallery space, where 2 columns were located in the exhibition room, and from the Parthenon’s column as well.

Looking the Parthenon columns made of big round stones stacked up, I thought:


“Human beings have accumulated civilization and technology from this ground, the results are here now. And where will we go? Shall we climb (develop) higher and higher? What’s on that? What happens if we get it?”

This performance and video work is a metaphor of this thought.

The first letter of Greek is alpha and the end is omega, I wrote a sign of alpha on the column of the gallery when I started climbing.

The installation is realized projecting part of the video on a column and part on the wall behind it.

video: 10min,  stereo


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