feat. STEFAN GOLDMANN (Macro) Friday, May 1st



:: music

STEFAN GOLDMANN (Macro) // http://www.stefangoldmann.com MIEKO SUZUKI (Kookoo) // http://www.mixcloud.com/mieko
ARA (Kookoo) // http://www.mixcloud.com/houseis

:: art

SARAH LÜDEMANN (video installation) // http://www.sarahluedemann.com YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI (stop motion projections) // yukihirotaguchi.wordpress.com CARLY FISCHER (light box & flyer artwork) // http://www.carlyfischer.com

Friday, May 1st, 10pm

OHM Gallery – Köpenicker Straße 70, 10179 Berlin http://www.ohmberlin.com


Imagine someone finding himself in front of a blank record. So there’s a vinyl disc without any musical information on it, no tones, no beats, no sound waves at all? Fine, let’s just cut everything from scratch then, right here right now!

That’s exactly what STEFAN GOLDMANN would do. That’s what he actually did with Ghost Hemiola, an album consisting of two vinyl records of empty loops, ready to be manipulated with knives or razor blades, ready to let the music grow under your own hands.

Now think about the same principle, just the other way around. So there’s an entire sound palette at one’s disposal, perfect down to the last detail? Fine, let’s start working with that then! Most producers would try to avoid that. But STEFAN GOLDMANN did just that for his Industry project, an in-depth examination of musical presets that resulted in a record and a book. 0% sound design, 100% presets.

These two works alone would make of STEFAN GOLDMANN one of the most daring and innovative protagonists of Germany’s electronic music scene. But there’s more of course: his inception of the Elektroakustischer Salon events at Berghain that bridge the gap between classical and electronic music, his record label Macro and Victoriaville, his scores for ballet or his remix of Stravinsky’s Le Sacre Du Printemps, not to mention his club hits like »The Maze« and »Lunatic Fridge«.

Imagine what such a headstrong artist would imagine a DJ set to be like – the perfect mix of a preset of certain settings (two turntables, a mixing desk, an audience…) and a sonic blank canvas ready to be used in any imaginable way.

»A dance floor is a place where you can watch brains grow.« States STEFAN GOLDMANN in the column he writes regularly for Berlin’s club institution Berghain. Could we have put it any better? Of course not. That’s exactly what we want to do on this KOOKOO May Day 2015.
Watch brains grow…

SARAH LÜDEMANN is a fine artist based in Berlin. Her work is based on life cycles, birth, death and rebirth, on repetition, patterns, destruction, construction and resurrection, on polar opposites and their motion forces, like gender, gaze, perception and communication. Repeat. Look. Repeat. look again. Watch closely. Repeat again.

YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI is a medium. He creates installations and interventions based on the inspiration he gets from each specific site, mostly working with stop-motion video works. This results in visual feedback loops enhancing the experience of everyone present in the given space at the given time.

CARLY FISCHER is a sculptural installation artist from Melbourne, Australia. Her practice explores the precariousness of place and cultural identity in an increasingly globalised contemporary reality. She fabricates paper replica environments that inhabit an ambiguously hybrid and fascinating space.

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