This project and video work was produced in 2 weeks during my solo exhibition in Arnsberg.

This project is inspired by the brightness and luminance of fire. It has affinity with the previous work “Funke“(2014).  The town of Arnsberg becomes dark and quiet as the sun goes down, there is almost nobody on the streets, that’s also why the night landscape is impressive, with just few lights from the street lamps and from the windows of the residences.

At first I made a small fire in a primitive way, rubbing a wood stick then, every night from 10pm till 4am, I drew using fire on hand-made torches and a digital camera and illuminated again the town.

The light drawing pictures are made playing with the camera’s long exposure time.

The final action of the project sew the participation of local people: we create a human chain where the fire was passing from one person to the other, turning the torches one by one and creating a fire line connected to the city’s landscape.



Stop-motion video:  4:44min , stereo sound by Mieko Suzuki

※”TERASU”(=照らす) mean is “illuminate” in Japanese.

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