Open Studios, Art, Sound & Performances

Friday, July 8, 2016: 3pm-12am

3-6pm: Meet and Greet/ Food and Drinks/ Day and Night
6pm: Opening
6-10pm: Open Studios/ Art and Sound
7 & 9pm: Guided Tours, Meeting Point: Margarine
10pm-12am: Light and Sound Performance followed by a live-Set




22-24 Uhr LIVE Performance JUST PASSING THROUGH…
a performative installation by Yukihiro Taguchi, Mieko Suzuki and Carly Fischer

Location: Kalte Halle

Just passing through… is a performative installation made in collaboration between artists Yukihiro Taguchi, Mieko Suzuki and Carly Fischer. The multimedial piece was developed in response to the specific site of HB55 KUNSTFABRIK and the surrounding area of Lichtenberg Berlin. Reflecting on how this space is changing, as empty buildings are increasingly being used by artists, the installation reassembles live on stage sound and video samples collected from the area to activate a discussion about the shifting cultural landscape of Lichtenberg.Followed by a Live-Set by Mieko Suzuki (Kookoo).


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