when i see the towers fall…

1,150 feet. That’s how high the Lotus Tower is. And that makes it, even before its completion, expected in early 2018, the tallest building not only in Sri Lanka’s capital city Colombo, but in the whole of South Asia. We’re talking about a huge pink artichoke-like pompom sitting on an XXXL concrete asparagus, so it’s a pretty nice view if you’re into veggies and shroom dildos. And yet we’ve learned that towers like the Lotus symbolise the self-imposed limitations we construct around and within ourselves, as some wise guy put it. We know that gravity always wins. What goes up must come down. So what’s the point?

PERERA ELSEWHERE is trying to make sense of everything that goes up and comes down, that humankind builds and eventually annihilates. Her music deals with self-obsessive egos, overconsumption, gated communities. It builds strong ties to anthropology, feminism, DIY spaces. It is empowering. Simply put, PERERA ELSEWHERE channels the constant background noise of the kookoo world we live in through an echo chamber. She amplifies the whole buzz, cranks it through a powerful sound system, and turns it into towering walls of sounds. That’s the point.

PERERA ELSEWHERE’s history begins in Sri Lanka. She grew up in the United Kingdom and set foot in Germany making a big boom with her Grimetime parties and radio shows in Berlin, in the noughties. She invented pure-bred mongrel pop with her band project Jahcoozi and, after collaborations with the likes of Gonjasufi and Modeselektor and being remixed by Shlohmo and Hype Williams, she has released All Of This, her second album as a solo artist, in the summer of 2017. Her performances are known for pushing and smudging boundaries. So get ready for a
wall-shaking DJ set at KOOKOO!

And prepare for some perception altering, time bending, Jenga collapsing video installations and artworks by INK AGOP, YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI and CARLY FISCHER! Your hosts MIEKO SUZUKI and ARA will make sure that echo chambers and amplifiers are in place and fully functional in order for the night to take off. (And crash, eventually.)

When you see the towers fall… Let’s go KOOKOO!

K O O K O O feat. P E R E R A  E L S E W H E R E
Friday, November 3
OHM Gallery, Berlin

:: music
PERERA ELSEWHERE (Friends Of Friends) // https://pereraelsewhere.bandcamp.com
MIEKO SUZUKI (Kookoo) // www.mixcloud.com/mieko
ARA (Kookoo) // www.mixcloud.com/kookoo
:: art
INK AGOP (video installation) // www.inkagop.com
CARLY FISCHER (sculpture & photography) // www.carlyfischer.com
YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI (stop motion) // https://yukihirotaguchi.wordpress.com
Friday, November 3, 10 pm
OHM Gallery – Köpenicker Straße 70, 10179 Berlin

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