I’m living and working since 2005 in Berlin, Germany.

I have created installations and events based on the inspiration received from the Site. And the process is released as stop-motion video works made ​​from still images using a digital camera.

< Curriclum Vitae >

1980- Born in Osaka, Japan

2004- Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Painting Department (B.A. in oil painting)

2005-Present – Living in Berlin

< Solo Exhibition History >


“Makeover” Mujin-to Prpduction, Tokyo


“Breathing Atolls” arthobler gallery, Zurich

Project “Skip” Loughborough University, Loungborough, England

Project “Made In Kenia” Kaimosi, Kenia (5 years work in progress)


“Sequenz” Sakamotocontemporary, Berlin

“Moment” das weisse haus, Wien, Austria

“MAM project 014” MoriArt Museum, Tokyo

“Pan! Pan! Pan!” Mujin-to production, Tokyo

“Moment-TATAMI”remo, Osaka


“ABOUT”Pinebrooklyn, Osaka

“Complex Circuit” gallery M, Tokyo


“Latest stop-motion-video-editions”  SAKAMOTOcontemporary, Berlin

“über-performative sketch”  Mujin-to production, Tokyo, Japan


“über”  SAKAMOTOcontemporary, Berlin

“A Window to the World” Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan

“Moment -Performatives Spazieren-” galerie air garten, Berlin

“Ordnung -performative installation-”  GDK-Galerie der Künste-, Berlin


“Moment” galerie air garten, Berlin(solo)

“DIE TASSE” Tornado-am-Ostkreuz, Berlin(solo)


“Domino” Het Plafond, Rotterdam, Netherlands

“Pumpen” RS 21 Berlin, Berlin-Friedrichshain

“chews -open studio-” gallery ZeKuSchEx, Berlin-Kreuzberg

< Group Exhibition History >


“ARAKAWA AFRIKA 4” arakawa1-1-1 gallery, gallery OGU MAG, Tokyo

“SITE” Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Hiroshima, Japan

“Open Monument” Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien, Berlin


“PARADE” Japan Media Arts Festival, ArtisTree, TaiKoo, Hong Kong

“Junge Hunde Festival 2012” Aarhus, Denmark

“Video/Choreo” University of Hawai’i Art Gallery, Honolulu

“Havana biennale”  Havana, Cuba

“Humour, parodie et videos” Maison de la culture du Japon a Paris, Paris, France

“Breathing Atolls” National Gallery, Male, Maldives


“SubtleConstruction”  Galeria Plataforma Revolver, Lisbon, Portugal

“SUSTAIN” Nature Morte Berlin, Berlin

“Durchgang” 48 Stunden Neukölln, Berlin

“Berliner Zimmer Genossen” funkhaus, Berlin

“Moment+Nomiso TATAMI” 10Watt gallery, Osaka


“Nishinomiya Funasaka Biennale” Hyogo, Japan

“Zwischen/Formen” Artitude, Berlin

“Repair-ars ekectronica 2010” Linz, Austria

“Black and Brunn” Brunnhofer Galerie/Black Box gallery, Linz, Austria


“5+1: Jungtion Box” Tokyo, Japan

“Japan Media Arts Festival in Kobe Biennale” Hyogo, Japan

“Nishinomiya Funasaka Biennale” Hyogo, Japan

“A Blow to the Eeryday” Hong Kong, China

“Next Reality” Tokyo, Japan

“Performance Presente Futuro Vol. 2” Oi Futuro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

“5th VentoSul Biennal” Curitiba, Brasil

“LIVE BY PLAY” Art Taipei 2009, Taipei, Taiwan

“Hakodate triennale 2009” hakodate, Japan

“The matter of things” ScalaMata Exhibition Space, Venice, Italy

“Hamburger Architektursommer 2009” White Trash contemporary, Hamburg, Germany

“Re:Membering Next of Japan” Loop, Seoul, Korea

“Video Kunst im Spiegel” Spiegel, Munich, Germany

“Thomas Raschke and Yukihiro Taguchi” Weltraum, Munich, Germany

“12th Japan Media Arts Festival” The National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan

“2008 Asia Digital Art Award Exhibiton”  Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan

“Tape Modern Number 07” Tape culb, Berlin


“PIECE” Kulturpalast Wedding International, Berlin

“Tape Modern at the 05. Berliner Kunstsalon” Humboldt-Umspannwerk, Berlin

“FABRIC/K” Program, Berlin

“ARMUT MACHT GEIL, NO Budget Festival – Berlin edition” Temporary Art Centre, Eindhoven, Netherlands

“ONE+TWO” SAKAMOTOcontemporary, Berlin

“UFERHALLEN” Uferhallen-Wedding, Berlin

“Hunt for This Century’s Leonardo da Vinci! International Art Exhibition” Osaka, Japan

“Tape Modern Number 03” Tape culb, Berlin

“Tape Modern Number 02” Tape club, Berlin

“Between Fiction and Fact” Strictly Berlin 2008” GDK-Galerie der Künste-, Berlin


“Hunt for This Century’s Leonardo da Vinci! International Art Triennale 2007” (Grand prize) Osaka, Japan


“transfer” gallery K:ITA, Berlin

“In Neuem Kontext” Asia-Pacific weeks 2007 at St. Johannes-Evangelist-Kirche, Berlin

“Japan now” Asia-Pacific weeks 2007, Theaterhaus, Berlin, Prague

“SICE 2007” Bosnia Herzegovina, Sarajevo

“Double Cast” Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Tokyo


“switch on the light before sleeping” GDK-Galerie der Künste-, Berlin

“Speed Up Your Life” feld für kunst, Hamburg

“1:een / punten en komma’s” PICTURA, Dordrecht, Netherlands

“SICE ~Transition Compound Berlin~” gallery Nord, Berlin


“SICE 2005” Bosnia Herzegovina, Sarajevo


“SICE 2004” Sarajevo International Culture Exchange 2004, Bosnia Herzegovina, Sarajevo


“Junction” Gallery Space, Tokyo, Japan

“Tension” Tokyo, Japan


“Aruita Ten” Gallery Space, Tokyo, Japan

“Habit” Tokyo, Japan


“Mapping” Tokyo, Japan

“DANKE” Gallery Space, Osaka, Japan

“Kume Show” Gallery Space, Tokyo, Japan


“Sosaku 2000” Gallery Space, Tokyo, Japan

“Drawing 2000” Gallery Space, Tokyo, Japan



“2008 Asia Digital Art Award” Fukuoka, Japan

“2008, 12thJapan Media Art Festival” Tokyo, Japan


“Hunt for This Century’s Leonardo da Vinci! International Art Triennale 2007” Osaka, Japan

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